What if...

...you could learn powerful strategies designed to help you face today's change with added poise and confidence?

...you could discover ways to feel more in control of uncontrollable change?

...you could connect with a mentor who provides support and concern?

As your transition coach, I am dedicated to supporting and encouraging you as you interface with today's change. What sort of people benefit from coaching? Let's look at a few examples of those who felt transition and change coaching was well worth it:

Spouse of a transferred executive
"My husband and I relocated to another state. We've moved before, but found this move to be more stressful and confusing. I just needed a little transition mentoring from Carolyn to get me over the hump."

Upper-level administrator of a highly-changing organization
"Our previous company change was really tough on us. With a new round of changes starting up, I decided to hire a professional transitions coach. Yes, our business transformations are still challenging. However, I now feel more in control and have a better big-picture perspective. There's a lot of information out there about implementing change at work, but little about how change impacts people. Carolyn helped me identify strategies that respected the human side of the change process."

Joyful learner
"I love to learn. In fact, I call myself a joyful learner. I enjoy enrolling in teleclasses that promote skills for everyday living. Change is everywhere. Learning new ways to bring change into my life was one of the best choices I've made."

Someone who wanted to understand and appreciate the change journey
"One of the benefits of transition coaching for me was increasing my patience and understanding of the whole change journey. I also stopped criticizing myself when change gave me a few surprises!"

Entrepreneur relocating home and business
"My move to Tucson was both exciting and frustrating. Not only was I setting up a new home, but was also setting up a new location for my business. Carolyn's coaching was like having a transition coach in my corner. Each session was filled with great information and powerful insights."

Professional who works with clients in transition
"I chose transition coaching for a very different reason. Even though I was not personally experiencing any major changes myself, most of my clients were! Gaining transition strategies enhances my sensitivity and empathy for my buyers. My quality customer service attitude is stronger - which gives me an edge over my competition."

Business owner of a rapidly growing company
"Our company was growing so rapidly that we needed more space. Everyone said that we were lucky because we weren't downsizing. I didn't feel lucky. I felt overwhelmed with change. Having a transition coach was extremely valuable to me during our expansion."

Regardless of your particular kind of change or where you are in your journey, valuable strategies are within your grasp. Connect with a coach who shares your desire to enhance the quality of your life. Here's how we can get started: Call me at 520-297-6674 or email me at carolyn@yourchange.com. Let's discuss your goals for enriching your transition.