Many business owners and leaders face challenging organizational changes: downsizing, reorganization, mergers, growing pains, new leadership, even promotion. It can seem that no matter how much you communicate it's not enough for staff or customers to gracefully accept organizational change. And behind the confident banner you must carry, or the countless changes you've been through in the past, you may be struggling with change as well.

Identifying the fact of change is not enough. It's just the beginning, the external event. Leading organizational change isn't easy, yet many professionals create additional stress and pressure by setting lofty expectations for how they should handle the change. Often they find fault with themselves for not leading a current organizational change as well as they did in the past, saying, "Why can't I control this when I've been leading organizational change before?!"

To make change work for you, it's necessary to investigate your internal and personal reactions - and discover how to respond in ways that are respectful to yourself and others.

That's where I come in.

I'm a transition consultant and organizational change coach. I work one-on-one with executives and business professionals. Coaching together, we create how to best connect with the challenge of leading organizational changes - without freezing in place.

Together we will:

  • Discover valuable transition skills and strategies that do more than keep your head above the flooding waters of change

  • Understand what is ending for you and each person on your team or staff

  • Explore your responses to organizational change and learn how to bring your authenticity to the forefront

  • Create a climate of communication and support in your organization

Someone outside your organization can provide a different perspective and a confidential sounding board as you explore your response to organizational change. In our unique partnership, you'll move toward less stress, greater collaboration and communication with staff, and building stronger trust and respect. You'll also gain a sense of mastery in your ability to lead the organizational change you're currently experiencing as well as navigate your way through future change.

Want to learn more? Call or email to find out more about one-on-one coaching, or my new schedule of programs and teleclasses created for professionals who want to get their arms around organizational change.

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