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New guidebook for women who are relocating.

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The climate of change can bring a storm of frustration, turmoil, and stress. Miscommunication and confusion can rain like a downpour.

Often, the change is announced in black and white, but the gray of transition is ignored. Yes, there is a difference: Change is the event. Transition is the response, or human side of responding to the event. Transition involves noticing the endings and the beginnings, and addresses how to integrate the change into your life.

More and more business owners and leaders are collaborating with coaches who guide and encourage them through changes in their lives. Someone outside your organization can provide a different perspective and a confidential sounding board as you explore your response to change. Why not consider a change expert to champion you as you navigate the human side of your company change or relocation?

Instead of just treading water, gain the expertise and support:

  • Stay focused while you maneuver the transition

  • Strengthen your communication with others, even when the change is cloudy

  • Ease self-expectations that may be causing additional stress and pressure

  • Demystify the change process and bridge the gap between the old and the new

  • Handle the fact of feelings - in you and your staff and family

  • Create an environment that supports staff so they stay long enough to see where they fit into the change

Hello, I'm Carolyn Masters. For over a decade, I've coached and consulted with professionals in transition - clients like you, who easily handle the facts of their change, but want a different perspective and additional tools to bridge the gap between what's being left behind, and the new feelings change always triggers.

The proven strategies we'll use together will help you navigate your new course ahead. As one of my clients said, our work together was "Like having an umbrella in a storm of change."


Grab your umbrella - together let's ride the wave of your change or relocation without getting drenched!