Even the most experienced and talented professionals can be surprised with new changes. Are you surprised that it's taking much longer to connect with your change? Are you discovering that your new changes are far more stressful than expected? Are you judging yourself as not handling these changes as well as you think you should?

For the past ten years, Carolyn has been coaching professionals like you who want to take the mystery and surprise out of change. Her clients arrive with clear goals in mind.

  • Immediately identify and implement strategies that soften the hard edges of new change

  • Develop and strengthen excellent change and transition skills during chaotic times

  • Bring structure and control to a change procedure that feels unstructured - sometimes out of control

  • Learn effective approaches that respect the human side of the change process

  • Have in their corner a certified transitions coach with powerful listening talents


Ideal Clients

With the recent launching of services for the relocation industry, Carolyn is now serving two different markets: organizational change and relocation change.

Ideal organizational change clients include:

  • Leaders in changing organizations

  • Managers who lead change initiatives

  • Human resource directors assigned to the human aspects of change

  • Business owners preparing for major changes

  • Upper level administrators of associations in transition

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to create big changes

  • Professionals who work with others in organizational transition (such as business coaches)

Ideal relocation change clients include:

  • Newcomers and new-goers (especially those moving to or away from Tucson, AZ)

  • Recently transferred professionals and their spouses

  • Real estate agents who desire the valuable extra touch with their customer service

  • Leaders in the moving industry who want to learn about the missing piece of the relocation process


Professional Information

Carolyn Masters, M.S., Ed.Sp.
Owner and President, Masters Resource Group


Informal Interview with Carolyn

Personal Note from Carolyn: I'm really pleased that you're exploring ways to make sense of the changes that you're facing. Many professionals are surprised and caught off guard when a big wave of change drenches them. You need to know that you're not alone. I'm here to help. My mission is to help you ride the wave of change without getting drenched.

To help you get to know me a little better I thought I'd share an excerpt below from a recent personal interview.

How did you get connected with your mission?
Many people ask me how my passion of helping others with the human side of change got started. It's rather ironic how it all began.

One day about ten years ago, my husband, Scott, asked me if I'd like to consider moving to Tucson Arizona. I literally jumped for joy! Although we had a wonderful home, good jobs, and close friends in our small mid-western community, I must admit that I just didn't like cold weather. The idea of living in larger city with a warmer climate was very exciting to me. I was thrilled about exploring new career paths. In fact, I would soon joke about how I couldn't pack my bags fast enough.

Well we eventually arrived in southern Arizona, bought a house, arranged the furniture, hung the pictures, and unpacked most of the boxes. Great! We're all moved and settled in! Yes?

No. I felt unsettled and uncomfortable. I felt like I was wearing a suit that didn't fit. All these feelings surprised me. It just didn't make sense - especially since I really wanted this move for us. I even began to criticize myself for not connecting quickly with our new community.

Fortunately, I remembered a book I had read years earlier that talked about facing change. I snooped through a few unpacked boxes in the garage and rediscovered, Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes by Dr. William Bridges. The book reminded me that bringing change into my life was like a journey with three distinct yet overlapping phases.

The information was so insightful that I convinced Scott to start meeting each Sunday to discuss key ideas from the book. We also scheduled time to discuss any concerns we were experiencing with the recent relocation. I stopped criticizing myself and started respecting the natural responses we have when change enters our lives.
One Sunday afternoon during our lively discussions, Scott startled me with an unexpected suggestion. "Carolyn, this information and our process of learning have been so valuable. You ought to consider sharing it with others!" I found his proposal inspiring.

I contacted Dr. Bridges and his organization. To my exhilaration, I discovered that Dr. Bridges offered training programs for executives and coaches who wished to become certified in his transition skills process. I flew to San Francisco and was trained by the expert himself. What an honor it was to learn first-hand his powerful insights about personal and company change.

Since then I've consulted and coached with executives and business owners facing major change and experiencing their own share of surprises. I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with many professionals who are deeply concerned about how change impacts themselves, their staff, their families, and their clients.

What do you do when you're not coaching?
My husband and I live in the foothills of Tucson. We're blessed with magnificent mountain views - especially at sunset when the mountains begin to glow with a reddish tinge. It's stunning.

Our favorite television shows include British mystery series such as Brother Cadfael, Poirot, and the new Foyle's War. My husband adores the History Channel and I can't get enough of Home and Garden Television. We both enjoy and support PBS.

We also love the company of our miniature dachshund, Tyler. He loves to chase his ball and his energy seems boundless. One of our friends calls him Tyler, the Wonder Dog. When I was setting up the website, Tyler said he'd be happy to contribute his great wealth of knowledge about change. So I gave him his own column called Tyler's Transition Tips. He even has his own e-mail address!

What are some of your other favorite things?
Fresh flower arrangements, TCBY yogurt, lunch at Ilsa's, Dan Brown's books, Amelia Peabody Mystery novels by Elizabeth Peters, astronomy (our clear Arizona skies at night are a delight to many astronomers), ancient Egypt, relaxing at home with Scott and Tyler, witnessing wildlife just outside our windows, horses, dessert of the decade cheesecake, both of Tucson's Home and Garden Shows, visiting England (London, Harrods, Cotswold's), Jane Austin movies, hugs from my sweetheart, the quiet solitude of our neighborhood, vacations and mini-vacations, conversations with family and good friends, personal growth development, Godiva chocolate truffles, discovering and exploring new places, decorating, Italian food, creating new products and programs, writing.

What local and national causes do you support?
I feel very strongly about supporting animal welfare and animal rescue organizations. Even small donations - like $25 - can help considerably if everyone gives to worthy groups. My goal for this year is to make a donation once a month.

I discovered Equine Voices, a horse sanctuary located just south of Tucson, in the morning newspaper. The mission of Equine Voices is to rescue Premarin mares and foals. Check out their upcoming benefits including the Reach Out to Horses Clinic and Fundraiser featuring Anna Twinney (in Green Valley in April.)

Contact Information:
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1685
Green Valley, AZ 85645
520-398-2814 (Phone)
520-398-3221 (Fax)

Here are a few of our favorite animal causes:

We also encourage others to respond to national and global issues. Here are several of my favorite groups:

What else would you like to know? Call or e-mail me. I look forward to answering your questions and helping you ride the wave of change without getting drenched!