Important Update!
Announcing the release of Carolyn’s new book

The Heart of Your Move

The woman’s relocation guide to easing the stress,
comforting the soul, and listening to her heart

We are excited to announce the publication of this unique
and inspiring book for women experiencing a relocation.

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the heart of your move


I was privileged to be one of the first to read Carolyn’s new book, and I discovered a treasure chest of great ideas for women who are relocating. We all know that moving can be extremely stressful. When we relocate, we’re not only leaving behind a house, job, neighborhood, or city, we’re also leaving behind friends, family, and loved ones. We’re truly uprooting our lives in every sense. 

The Heart of Your Move helps fellow female “transitioners” face the emotional part of the relocation process head-on by providing creative ideas on how to weave together the new and the old. Carolyn’s book helped me make sense of my emotions during my move. I’d highly recommend it to any woman caught up in the chaos of moving or even those who are just thinking about a move.

-- Angela



Dear Brave and Courageous Women-on-the-Move,

Do you have a mountain of details to tackle, a mess of boxes to manage, and a ton of change to accept and overcome? Are your emotions like a runaway roller coaster taking you from fear and anticipation to excitement, hope, and possibility, then back to worry and concern again?

It’s time to…

  • Let out a deep sigh of relief
  • Give some of your stressors the boot
  • And set yourself up for success in your new home and community

Your master moving mentor, Carolyn Masters, has created a book that is brimming with big ideas to help you through the surprises of your move! She’s interviewed fellow female movers and has assembled an extraordinary array of personal stories and strategies to share with you.

During her research, Carolyn discovered that women enjoyed a greater sense of peace and relaxation during a move when they embraced the three simple stages of change. The Heart of Your Move guides you through those important stages and provides you powerful strategies, insights, and stories all designed to strengthen your confidence and to encourage a smoother, more caring relocation journey.

The HEART of Your Move will help you to:

  • Find the motivation you need to climb the mountain of change known as “moving!”
  • Get in touch with your losses and contemplate endings before they occur.
  • Set aside time for reflection about the changes taking place in your life.
  • Realize that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and confused during a big move.
  • Identify ways to calm the confusion and find clarity during the relocation process.
  • Discover the reason it’s taking so long for you to feel “at home” in your new home.
  • Embrace this time of change as an opportunity to improve certain aspects of your life.
  • Look for ways to reestablish old traditions in your new community.
  • Create ways to celebrate your new life—and the new YOU!

Whether you just started packing or just finished unpacking—whether you’re moving across the country or just across town—you can’t afford to miss this special guide written specifically for women in transition.

Are you going through a relocation now or will be soon?

Or perhaps you help women with the challenging relocation process.
This book is also an excellent resource for real estate agents. 

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Like a kind word on a bad day, The Heart of Your Move arrived just in time to warm my soul. In the midst of my move, Carolyn helped me make sense out of my emotional distress. The questions supplied within each chapter helped me acknowledge and evaluate my feelings. Also, examples of other women helped me feel less alone. The Heart of Your Move helps women bring out and make use of their feelings in a positive way. With Carolyn's help, women don't have to pack away their emotions along with their belongings on moving day.

-- Nichole


About the Author
Carolyn Masters, M.S., Ed.Sp., is an expert in the human side of change. She studied with Dr. William Bridges, the author of Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes. Carolyn’s early consulting years were focused on the personal side of business change and led her to write the book, When Change Is Your Company’s Middle Name.

Over the past three years, Carolyn’s client type has evolved. She found herself connecting with more and more women experiencing the challenge of pulling up their roots and moving to a new location.

She knows first-hand about the ups and downs and the highs and lows of moving. Her own move to Tucson inspired her to study the very nature of change. After coaching and interviewing numerous women in transition, Carolyn created The Heart of Your Move, a guidebook for busy women who were searching for fast strategies and encouraging words. The author recently revised and expanded her handbook, which has just been released in paperback and e-book formats.

The Heart of Your Move
Carolyn Masters, Author

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