Are you overwhelmed at the very thought of your move? Do you feel inundated with relocation decisions and challenges?

Carolyn articulates the language of change that makes sense. Her programs will open your eyes to the true source of relocation confusion and stress.

During this introductory TeleClass you will discover the first cornerstone to making sense of your move. You'll learn how to integrate the new language of change so you can identify smart strategies that support you.

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Imagine a Virtual Classroom

Imagine a virtual classroom where people from all over the country - or even the world - come together for live interactive educational classes. Our teleclasses using state-of-the-art teleconferencing bridge systems can do just that.

Carolyn is a teleclass leader with During your class you'll receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques designed to support you as your face your change.

New classes featuring valuable change and transitions skills are currently being developed and will be up and running soon. Please visit this site again for updates. Contact us if you'd like to be notified by e-mail when our new teleclasses are posted.


Are you new to teleclasses?

Would you like to learn more about teleclasses and how they work? Here are a few frequently asked questions:

What is a teleclass?
A teleclass is an educational class held in a virtual classroom created by the use of telephone bridgelines. By calling in on your regular landline phone, you can take a class in the convenience of your office or home - and with no travel time.

How do I become a teleclass student? has recently enhanced their entire website. In fact, they're still making a few tweaks and modifications. Once you've connected with the home page, look at the left column under the heading "Take a Teleclass." Before you can officially register for any classes, you'll need to set up your Student ID and student profile. Click "Create your ID here" link and follow the instructions.

Next, browse the catalog to your heart's content. Many classes are free! Clicking on the course title will send you to a great overview page that includes detailed description of the class, links to learn more about the teleleader, and cost information. You'll find the registration button near the bottom of the page. Choose the class that fits your interest and time schedule. Be sure to record the class time in your time zone.

Once you click register, the next page will provide you the important phone bridge and pin number. Make a copy of that page for your records. Suggestion: Jot down the phone bridge and pin numbers on that date on your calendar right away. You'll also receive an e-mail reminder with pre-class instructions and a few tips designed to help the class run smoothly.

Okay, it's time for my first class. How does this work?
On the date and time of your class, you dial the telephone bridge number using a regular land line phone. You'll be asked to enter the pin number, which opens the virtual door to your classroom as well as students who have already arrived. Note: The bridgelines are long distance phone numbers, so you will incur long distance charges.

The teleclass leader welcomes callers by asking their names and where they are from. After an informal greeting, the instructor provides an overview of the program and gets started with the class. Although some classes are lecture-based, most teleleaders prefer interactive classes and encourage students to get involved in discussions and activities.

How long are the classes?
Teleclass sessions are usually an hour long. Classes start at the top of the hour and need to wrap up just before the hour draws to a close. Sometimes a different class might be using the same phone bridge right after your class finishes up.

Does it really matter what phone I use when I call the phone bridge?
Yes. Always use a regular land phone rather than a cell or mobile phone. The bridge line can be sensitive. We want everyone to have a good reception and a clear line.

What if I just want to sit back, listen and learn during class?
Even though most teleleaders really appreciate student involvement and active discussions, you are encouraged to participate in the way that that you would enjoy the most.

What other guidelines are suggested?
Students are asked to be mindful of background noises in their own environments. Try to arrange a quiet setting during the teleclass call. Fortunately offers a neat feature that lets you mute your phone if you have an unexpected noisy situation. Our delightful miniature dachshund, Tyler, is usually pretty quiet. But he still alerts me if someone is approaching the front door. Of course, it also makes sense to disable call-waiting and to avoid putting your phone call on hold during a class.
I'd love to teach my own teleclass. How can I offer courses through Teleclass International?
All the classes are facilitated by trained teleclass leaders. What's involved in the training? You'll learn the necessary skills that you'll need to teach content-rich and high participation classes. You'll also discover ways to generate new streams of income by attracting new clients. To find out more about the Teleleader Certification Program click button below.

Note from Carolyn: Be sure you visit our website again for announcements about my new teleclasses! See you soon!